Thứ Ba, 9 tháng 8, 2011

Aug 9th 2011

What a f*cking day~ I was woken up because someone miscalled a number

Then , in the afternoon , when i looked at Daily Deviantion , i uttered :"WT....?"
I don't know how could they choose/ accept this kind of art and made it become a DD .__.

My bad day wasn't stop in there, after dinner , when i checked my inbox, 1 deviant came to my page and said that he/or she had a gift for me. I opened the link she gave me..... -Facepalm-
I had to say, that picture just like a random doodble art . It is a quick simple sketch of 2 characters which i dunno who they are and i'm sure that i don't have any connections with them =____= That deviant , he (or she) drew a lot of quick random sketchs , uploaded it and said it a gift forr someone else.

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